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 Video Evidence

This was recorded at Linda Vista Hospital. I was filming down a corridor with a static night vision camera. The doors slammed shut on their own. The group was down the next corridor no where near our camera. Note the orb. Pretty creepy!

We were investigating the Morgue in Tombstone, AZ. We were using the SCD-1 designed by Steve Huff.. 

This was recorded at a private business. We are talking about the fridge, I reach to touch it and someone says "Don't touch the fridge". You might need to put on the headphones for this.

PARA Team Leaders daughter's senior project. A fun look at our paranormal investigations!

We were in the Old Morgue in Tombstone, AZ. We had a very strange light anomalie.

We were investigating a haunted attraction in Apple Valley.  In the nursery room, we were having tons of activity on the REM Pod and I captured this.

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