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Orbs Orbs Everywhere!!!

Well, I'm going to talk about a very controversial topic and something that just happened to me! ORBS!!!! Everyone has their own belief about orbs and mine is like most. Orbs (in my opinion) are just dust, water particles in the air, bugs etc... until they are not!!! Confusing I know! We were just at a very active haunted location in Apple Valley, and I caught with my night vision full spectrum camera a swirling mass of Orbs. I actually had to giggle at myself when I was reviewing my evidence. I thought the others in my group were going to laugh at me when I said "I caught Orbs", because they all know my feelings about them. Just saying - My mind might be changing on some of these flying dust particles!! The Orb swirl only happened once in the four hour video. I did catch some single orbs (not bugs), but the swirl to me seemed very abnormal. No air currents or movement during the swirl, so who knows.. I will definitely be setting up my camera again when we go back next week to see if I can catch more of this phenomenon. The jury for me on the subject of orbs is still out, but when you catch evidence like this , it makes me wonder!

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