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  • judy graham

Whoa!!! We have skills!!!

Most of you probably know this but... I recently took over the reins on our Paranormal team PARA. Our leader had to take a break due to health and family issues (always family first). So, I jumped in feet first making a new website, starting a new meet-up, looking for new members etc. In doing so, I have discovered what a great diverse team we have. I wanted to put our team up on our site in the "Crew" section. I needed bios and pics. We set up a meeting and got this done! As I put in all the bio information, I learned quite a few things about our group. WE HAVE SKILLS!!!! I believe our group has the skills to get the job done-we have scientific investigators- mediums-seers- shaman and so much more!!! Take the time, read the Bios, get to know us. I think you will be amazed and hard pressed to find a better group out there!!! LOVE MY PARA FAMILY!!!

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