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Crazy is as Crazy Does

This one is for the books. I got an email from this guy who states he is having trouble with the spirits in his home. So much so, he is having to keep changing rooms so he can sleep.

Of course, I said we can help. I had our interviewer call him and she set up an appointment to meet with him at a fast food restaurant so she can get a read on him. He seemed desperate.

Our interviewer said he and his girlfriend were a little out there but seemed very genuine in their search for help. Our interviewer even felt afraid for them, so we made a appointment to come over and do a preliminary investigation to debunk and rule out ant external forces at the home. Our interviewer was a little concerned there might be the "D" word at this residence. I wanted to make sure it was safe for the team to go in.

From the moment we arrived there was high EMF even outside. The house was even worse. A complete fear cage, but actually that wasn't the whole problem... from the moment I walked in, I knew... we had just arrived into crazy town.

The place was packed with video surveillance, computers and people. I heard all about the warlock neighbors and the laser beams that shoot into their homes causing there to be doppelgangers etc... Honestly, I was ready to leave the moment I walked in but I did want to make sure there was nothing there.

As we were leaving the Sheriff's Dept rolled up (3 cars) and asked us what we were doing. I walked right up to them and asked if they were called to this home often. Their response...all the time! No surprise. My thought went to a spirit box session we did in the home and Crystal Meth" came through the box. Not knowing what it meant at the time but sure seems clear now..

Well I just chalk this up to a learning experience and try and learn from it. I guess the most important lesson learned is if if quacks like a probably is a duck!!!

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